How to read an art work through artist’s mind?

Whenever we talk about an art work in terms of visual art we find that, today, art world is filled with numerous art works. As we often come across to the variations of art works display at various exhibitions, art galleries, art biennale, art fairs, art festivals even in art competitions etc.

So whenever we encounter a creative work our mind gets a very basic question “What does this art work mean or meant to be?”. So in order to understand an art work better it becomes necessary to analysis a work of art, in terms of its style, its techniques, its art forms.

These are some basic questions need to ask an artist who knows better about his work. Which as an art student will help you to decode the meaning of an art work.

  1. Why do you make an art work?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What may motivates you to make art?
  4. How did the idea come into your mind?
  5. What are your thoughts about it?
  6. How you make an art work? (in terms of techniques)
  7. What tools, what materials what techniques did you use?
  8. What your work means to you?( because an artist may means something else to him and his art may be interpreted by anybody in any manner)

While going through all these questions to an artist you will better understand an art work as the artist understands the composition better in terms of space, in terms of color organization, in terms of techniques.


All About Myself

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For your basic understanding I am uploading some images or works of art which you may find interesting and yeah if any question you got while going through my shared images; you can comment in the comment box. I will definitely reply to all your quarries. Love you all, see you soon.

Abstract paintings
Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

What is Art History?

Art History is a subject which offers a chronological survey of art which can be related to any continent or subcontinent’s art. History of Art helps to understand art from the dawn of civilizations to the present time, including the most modern trends and ideas in the ever changing world of art.

It also facilitates the understanding of work of art within their historical context by examining issues such as politics, religion, patronage, gender, function, and ethnicity, through both contextual and visual analysis; it is aimed also at developing an understanding of the origins and functions of art within specific world culture. It opens avenues to enable honing of skills in the critical analysis of images and objects. Through that it also helps to develop one’s personal aesthetic judgment and standard in the framework of art context.