What is Art History?

Art History is a subject which offers a chronological survey of art which can be related to any continent or subcontinent’s art. History of Art helps to understand art from the dawn of civilizations to the present time, including the most modern trends and ideas in the ever changing world of art.

It also facilitates the understanding of work of art within their historical context by examining issues such as politics, religion, patronage, gender, function, and ethnicity, through both contextual and visual analysis; it is aimed also at developing an understanding of the origins and functions of art within specific world culture. It opens avenues to enable honing of skills in the critical analysis of images and objects. Through that it also helps to develop one’s personal aesthetic judgment and standard in the framework of art context.


Author: Art History

Hello friends, My name is Mohini Kishore and I am a student, pursuing Fine Art in Art History specialization. My aim to create this blog is to share my thoughts about fine art and art related stuff with you. In order to spread general awareness about art among people. I invite your comments to have a discussion related to my articles in order to explore the wisdom of art. Hope you guys will enjoy my stuff. Thank you.

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